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What is better: to be born with a disability or have a disability occur later in life?  There may not be one single answer that everyone will agree with but it’s worth exploring our own thoughts about this question. There is a certain trade off with pros and cons on each side.  To make it even more complex one man’s pro is another man’s con.

For me, disability came early but it happened so slowly that it’s hard to say exactly when it started.  I can only figure from the way people acted towards me and the things they said to me when I was a child that there were things I was not hearing—things I was expected to know.  For the life of me, I could not fathom what those things were or why I was expected to know what I did not know.

By the time my hearing impairment became noticeable. It was not seen for what it was, a disability, but as another manifestation of what everyone had for years decided was stupidity, inattentiveness and lack of common sense.

In a way, this is somewhat different from someone who is born with a disability as well as someone who suddenly becomes disabled as an adult.   My unique experience shares the pros and the cons of both cases in a way that is shaped not only by my situation but also by my own personality.

In Speaking for the Child, I bring out this personality in ways that are both raw and dignified—at times redefining dignity when it seems out of my reach.  At the end of the day, humanity triumphs over a lifetime of seemingly insurmountable troubles


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  1. It is difficult to decide what can be worse- being disabled from birth or becoming disabled after some time. In both the cases it is the child who suffers and the amount of his suffering does not get affected by when or how he became disabled. It is the people who surround him decide whether the child has to suffer for something that is not his fault. For instance, if a disabled child has loving parents who go all the way in ensuring that their child lives like any normal person the fate of the child is much better than a child who became disabled in an early age and had to go through bitterness of his parents.

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