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At some point in a child’s explorations, he or she may ask about the origins of life.  If he or she sees inanimate objects being made, the most obvious question may be, who made me?  When? Why and how?  The answers the child receives will conform to the culture in which he or she lives.

I grew up in a more or less Christian culture.  As children, my friends and I had a zillion questions about the nature of the divine our parents introduced us to. Before being indoctrinated into the rigid dogmas of some organized religion, our questions were ingenuous and the answers we came up with were based on experience and reason rather than authority.

As my disabilities progressed, the realities of my life ran counter to the Word of Faith teachings that first opened biblical scripture and Christian doctrines to me.  I found myself pulled in two different directions.  In the eyes of the people who surrounded me, being honest about what was going on in my body and mind was tantamount to denying the power and even the existence of God.

Gone was the innocent questioning that marked me as a child.  There was no one to whom I could ask questions.  I knew that such questions would raise eyebrows and suspicions so I learned to squelch them.

Speaking for the Child follows the slowly increasing cognitive dissonance that finally led me to reject many of the preposterous doctrines I had learned from Church and return to honest questioning and searching for my Creator.

Look ahead and trust the Creator
Look back and thank the Creator
Look around and serve the Creator
Look within and find the Creator

–author unknown


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