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We see the crazy weather patterns and natural disasters happening around the world and it really seems that we are destroying the Earth.  Truth is, we live on a violent planet.  Mother nature uses what to us appears to be  inclement weather: storms, lightening, snow. Volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes to cleanse and heal herself.  As puny as we are we cannot destroy the Earth.   What we can and are destroying are the conditions which support our life form.

We cover enormous areas of the Earth with hard surfaces so that we can walk and drive more comfortably.  These hard surfaces intercept the flow of rain water into underground aquifers.  Water in aquifers is the purest water we could drink because soil and rocks filter out salt  and other impurities.  By preventing rainwater from entering aquifers we disrupt the natural cycle of water from sea to sky to land and back again.  This is just one of many ways we destroy the conditions that support our own lives.   Can we stop this?  Can we reverse the process of extinction?  Of course, we can.  But the question is not can we but WILL we.  It would take a great sacrifice of the comforts we’ve become used to.  The world outside the United States want these comforts too.  They close their eyes to the truth that you cannot walk in someone else’s footsteps and expect to wind up at a different destination.  On top of this, there are just too many people making too much money.

I’m like most people.  I want to believe that this world’s problems will be resolved with little or no  personal sacrifice on my part.   But from where we are now, the only people who won’t have to sacrifice will be those who have nothing to sacrifice in the first place.    We will not dig up the streets and sidewalks that prevent rain water from replenishing the aquifers of this Earth.  Anyone who tries will be called a terrorist and carted off to jail or a socialist and not re-elected.


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How often do we wish we had the willpower displayed by others?  What’s their secret?  Why can’t we seem to get it together?  Why do our best intentions fizzle out to defeat?

The secret of willpower is that there is no such thing.  Our will exist in one part of our minds.  The power exists in another.  If these two do not naturally work together for us then understanding them may help us to achieve what has always seemed impossible.  This isn’t a fast track approach.  It’s not a gimmick and it’s not a way to get rid of our problems once and for all with the expectation that we will never have to deal with them again.  It’s a way of understanding how our minds work so we can better deal with problems when they arise.

Our will resides in our conscious mind.  It’s what we consciously resolve to do.  The power resides in our subconscious mind with our emotions.  E=outwar. Motion=energy  when our emotions aren’t in agreement with our will we inevitably follow our emotions, doing the very things we swore we did not want and would never do.  .  We must bring our emotions in line with our will and I cannot pretend that this is easy.  We live in an culture that bombards us with messages and images designed make us desire what others are selling.   The good news is if other people can program us to do what they want, we can also program ourselves to do what we want

What is the difference between will and desire.  Desire is an emotional response to some stimulus or the memory of a stimulus we experienced in the past. Because desire can be so strong it can easily disguise itself as and overpower our will.   My desire may be to be happy.  In my subconscious is the memory of how good chocolate cake is and commercial media has programmed me to associate that good feeling with happiness.  So even though I know I will not e happy when I have to slink over to the plus sized when I shop for clothes and will cry my heart out when my face breaks out in pimples,  I still desire that chocolate cake..

What can I do?  We must program our emotions to desire the things that are in line with our will using the same tools society uses to program our emotions to thwart our will.: images, music, words, literature, entertainment, videos others problem programming us with  the same message over and over.  Why can’t we make CDs and listen to them all day everyday. Get a karaoke of a song we like and add our own uplifting words to it. Stop for a minute and ask yourself why is it okay to let others do this to us but corny when we do it for ourselves?

Once we start eating healthy food this will be easier.  There is such a close correlation between the body and the mind that pollutions within our bodies often manifest themselves as unclean thoughts.  This is psychosomatic in reverse. Conversely, depressing thoughts often compel us to eat unhealthy good.  A depressed person is not going to pig out on carrots and green beans.   By the same token, eating junk food until our tummies ache isn’t going to fill our minds with confidence and tenacity.  It’s a vicious cycle.  Yet no matter how vicious they cycle it is weak because it depends not on the strength of the parts but on each part being carried out.  One part in a cycle can be broken if we replace it with and alternate activity such as listening to or watching the programming we’ve created for ourselves.

But listening and watching are passive activities and are not enough to create strong emotions.  Just like a full tank of gas is not enough to run a car if the battery is dead.   We must generate energy in our minds that serves as a bridge to between our desires and our will.  How do we do that?  By creating joy.  Think about our goals.  What do we want to ultimately happen.   Create in our mind’s eye an image of ourselves in the situation we want to be in.   use the CDs, videos and music we have created to silence reminders of our past failures and revel in the joy of picturing future success.  Right now it is just a picture but the subconscious doesn’t know that.  The subconscious mind records information from our five senses with categorizing it as true or false, real or unreal so if we create an image of ourselves in the situation we want to be in the subconscious will create an emotion just as the situation were real.   Keep doing this over and over and soon our minds will begin to associate happiness with that which generated the emotion of joy and we will find ourselves acting in ways that produce the situation in the real world.

This isn’t magic or religion though they may seem to share certain elements.  It is just the production of a natural chemical in our brains called serotonin which brings a sense of well being then using that feeling to carry out our goals.

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