On the Wings of a Wild God   Leave a comment

Copyright 1999

The religious people put a saddle on God.
Bit, bridle, reins and spurs
Kicked His sides
To shuttle to and fro
Along the track of human certitude.
He roared
And stamped a quake into the Earth.
Many people died.
Thy said, “As a horse, you’re a failure.
Perhaps you don’t exist.

The religious people urge me to get on the track
Lest I fall prey to dangerous freedoms.
Slipping off the narrow spine
Of their decrepit horse,
I grasp for the reins.
I yearn for a rule.
I’ve committed a great sin.
What can I buy?
I hurry to scurry
But I do not find Him.

Until I am still,
With nothing that I can do
And not a fig leaf to my name.
Only a core of hot anger
And cold knowledge—
Pain clouds raining in between
He, untamed and unfettered,
Touches me.
He goes where religions illicit morality cannot.
I mount up on His wings.
In the wind
His free mane whips away my tears
One by one.


Posted May 19, 2013 by rhondadenisejohnson in Poetry

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