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Invasion of the Indefinite Pronouns   Leave a comment

I am tired of writing “he or she”, “his or hers.” It’s just awkward, and when a paragraph or sentence contains several indefinite pronouns, it sounds downright silly after the third or fourth repetition. Why do we do this? We are trying to tell the truth using a language that was designed to reinforce the lie, and it‘s going to take more than patching up with this linguistic band-aid. Although up to the very recent past, I have capitulated to this politically correct invasion upon my prose, from now on, starting May the twenty-third, two thousand thirteen, I will just say “she” or “her.” Let male writers say “he” or “his” and be done with it. Our writing will flow oh so much smoother.

Now some folks will have a problem with this. I propose that said folks take the same energy they would use to browbeat me and use it to create a gender neutral indefinite pronoun. Why not? What constitutes a word anyway? Words aren‘t words by divine right. They aren‘t passed down from the gods. How did the words “laser” and “internet” work their way into the English lexicon? Is a word anything more than a string of phonemes that a significant number of people has decided to use to symbolize some concept, thing or action? If so, what constitutes a “significant number?” Or is there an esoteric council that must canonize said string of phonemes? If so, how do we bring this matter to their attention in a way they cannot ignore?

An I the only writer who is tired of say “he or she?” Are there other writers who would be willing to help create and use a gender neutral indefinite pronoun?

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