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Imoye ~ A Collection of 6 Poems   Leave a comment

In the Yoruba language imo means knowledge and oye means understanding. When two words began or end with a vowel it is customary to contract them into one word just as in the english language the words it and is are contracted to form the word it’s. So imo and oye together form the word imoye.

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Las Angelinas   Leave a comment

I heard her important sounding boots on the pavement
I didn’t turn around
But I knew it was a her
It was a her sounding sound
An important her
Compared to the soft patter of my Sketchers
It sounded like the approach of doom
somebody was going to be in big trouble

Not me
I kept walking
Umbrella in one hand
Aqua Fina in the other

It was just a silly nonsensical angelina thing
Drinking water and wearing tennis shoes in the rain

But it made me feel more important to the sky
More important to the itinerary of water
Than clunky heels
And troubled minds

Copyright 1998 by Rhonda Denise Johnson

Posted May 25, 2013 by rhondadenisejohnson in Poetry

On the Wings of a Wild God   Leave a comment

Copyright 1999

The religious people put a saddle on God.
Bit, bridle, reins and spurs
Kicked His sides
To shuttle to and fro
Along the track of human certitude.
He roared
And stamped a quake into the Earth.
Many people died.
Thy said, “As a horse, you’re a failure.
Perhaps you don’t exist.

The religious people urge me to get on the track
Lest I fall prey to dangerous freedoms.
Slipping off the narrow spine
Of their decrepit horse,
I grasp for the reins.
I yearn for a rule.
I’ve committed a great sin.
What can I buy?
I hurry to scurry
But I do not find Him.

Until I am still,
With nothing that I can do
And not a fig leaf to my name.
Only a core of hot anger
And cold knowledge—
Pain clouds raining in between
He, untamed and unfettered,
Touches me.
He goes where religions illicit morality cannot.
I mount up on His wings.
In the wind
His free mane whips away my tears
One by one.

Posted May 19, 2013 by rhondadenisejohnson in Poetry

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