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The Making of a Novel and an Author   Leave a comment

Harold Lee Rush interviews author Rhonda Denise Johnson


Fran Lewis ~ The Crossroads of Time   Leave a comment

As two women meet at the Crossroads of Time one will have to decide the fate of both. Just what happens when Ayodele and Chloe finally meet? What happens to Chloe? What will change more than just her life but that of others? Read The Crossroads of Time and find out what happens when life brings you opportunities, choices need to be made and nothing can stop you if you turn the key in the right direction. A must read.
Fran Lewis: reviewer

S peaking for the Child   Leave a comment

As Autobiography and a Challenge

A unique perspective of life with a slowly progressive vision and hearing loss. Spans a forty year period between the late sixties and the early 21st century.

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